Friday, November 13, 2009

When a divorced mother who is retired chief justice of the Georgia Supreme Court recently wrote an opinion piece about the importance of marriage for CNN, indicating among other things that single parenthood is glorified, one of her points was this:

“Memo to single mothers by choice: When you decide to have a child alone in order to fulfill your deep need to parent, you may be deliberately substituting your emotional loss for that of your child, who will have to grow up without a father.”

The opinion piece obviously sparked a nice discussion on the Choice Moms board. Here's the comment posted by one of the women:

"How about this: If you choose to have children with the man you are married to (or hoping to be married to, or hoping to find), you must consider the very real possibility that the marriage will fail and your children will suffer a lot more pain from the divorce and custody roller coaster (or a dysfunctional/unstable/abusive family situation) than you. You’ll be inflicting emotional torture on your children by attempting to satisfy your (and society’s) romantic/economic/sexual/social/traditional needs.”

What do YOU think?